Monday, 9 February 2009

Christina Romer on Face the Nation

Bob Schieffer spoke with Chair of the Council Of Economic Advisors Christina Romer about whether the bailout and stimulus will be effective in repairing the economy.

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(HT: Greg Mankiw)


Fierce Guppy said...

The lying cow. So concerned she was about the first $350 put in, not knowing where that money went. But, things will be different this time, you know, with the new administration and all.

Transparency was never a concern for the Democrat congressional majority before they, along with Republicans, blew the first $350 billion.

Listen to David "So what?" Obey on stimulus waste. Does this sound like an administration that cares about transparency? No, it does not.

Do you know what else is bloody annoying? Not even those full page advertisements in the New York Times and Washington Post have penetrated the wall of bullshit surrounding the Obama administration. No matter how many economists there are against the "stimulus" plan the administration will always have its unity across the ideological spectrum.

One more thing. That video invoked a Jenny Shipley flashback.

Thanks so much Mr Shock Jock.

Fierce Guppy said...

Yes, yes... I did mean to write "$350 billion" rather than "$350".