Wednesday, 3 September 2008

UC makes the international news

This comes from the website of Inside Higher Ed
Apostrophes have been causing problems for the John McCain campaign — with many blogs jumping on a “Student’s for McCain” pen being sold in the campaign store (and since corrected). In New Zealand, meanwhile, the University of Canterbury is getting grief in The New Zealand Herald for an ad campaign with the slogan: “I chose UC because of it’s beautiful campus and city’s reputation.” (Emphasis added)
The students aren't the only illiterate ones at UC. The administrators are right up there.

The New Zealand Herald piece referred to says,
It might have a beautiful campus in a reputable city - but one of our top universities doesn't know basic grammar.

An advertising campaign for the University of Canterbury splashed around Auckland bus stops has an embarrassing apostrophe crime.

A rogue apostrophe has left the entire marketing sentence nonsensical. The billboard contains a quote from a current university commerce student: "I chose UC because of it's beautiful campus and city's reputation."

There should be no apostrophe in the word "its".

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matt b said...

UC is in fine company:

Jefferson hailed Adams as "the pillar of [the Declaration's] support on the floor of Congress, it’s [sic] ablest advocate and defender against the multifarious assaults it encountered."