Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Interesting blog bits

  1. The visible hand in economics on PSA: Just more misleading statistics.
  2. Barry Eichengreen on Anatomy of the financial crisis.
    The crisis solution depends upon its causes. Here one of the world’s leading international macroeconomists explains how the world got into this mess.
  3. Greg Mankiw on More Capital for the Financial System
  4. Lans Bovenberg and Herman Vollebergh on Auction greenhouse emission rights with targeted compensation.
    The EU plans to auction permits for the next phase of emissions trading, rather than giving them away for free as in the past. This column explains why the new scheme is a significantly better policy and proposes compensation measures to redress the complaints of industries opposed to the new climate change policy. Harmonised EU action may be required.
  5. Arnold Kling on Delusions on Both Sides.
  6. Carpe Diem on the fact that in the Great Depression: Not A Single Canadian Bank Failed.
  7. Radley Balko on U.S. Government Veers Away From Capitalism.
  8. The visible hand in economics asks Is free trade solely of benefit to farmers/exporters?

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