Monday, 1 September 2008

Interesting blog bits

  1. Barry Eichengreen on Back to the 'Thirties with a Twist'
    Policy makers must learn from history, but they should know which historical episodes to look to. Central bankers seem to have been focusing on the 1930s, but Eichengreen suggests that the 1970s provides more appropriate lessons
  2. Tyler Cowen asks Is Sarah Palin the female Ross Perot?
  3. Michael Giberson on Insecure property rights may be helping to maximize current Russian oil output...
  4. Roger Kerr on Sense and Nonsense About Happiness (pdf)
  5. Bryan Caplan takes A Deeper Look at Economic Bias
  6. Arnold Kling makes his Campaign-Season Pledge
  7. Peter Boettke asks From Katrina to Gustav: 3 Years and What Have We Learned

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