Sunday, 10 August 2008

Interesting blog bits

  1. Gavin Kennedy points out that there is No Contradictions Between Moral Sentiments and Wealth Of Nations.
  2. Gary Becker asks Is America in Decline?
  3. Richard Posner comments on Is America in Decline?
  4. Tyler Cowen on Regulation and Distrust
    Brought to you by Aghion, Algan, Cahuc and Shleifer, this is one of the best papers so far this year.
  5. Roger Kerr on Why a Tax-Free Zone is a Bad Idea (pdf)
  6. Antoine Berthou and Lionel Fontagné on The microeconomic impacts of the euro


Matt Nolan said...

The Adam Smith article was very good

Paul Walker said...

If you are interested in things Adam Smith, the Kennedy blog is worth a read.