Thursday, 10 July 2008

Norberg on Klein on Tiananmen Square

Naomi Klein's recent book, The Shock Doctrine, alleges that the Tiananmen Square crackdown was intended to crush opposition to pro-market reforms. Johan Norberg argues that in fact it caused liberalization to stall for years.


Anonymous said...

Naomi Klein,I think there are two possibilities to say about you and your book: either you are a nut or you are a liar supported financially by the CP of China

Anonymous said...

I really doubt Naomi Klein's motive,she obviously call white black! I am a Chinese,took part in the Tiananmen Movement,and I was a university teacher on history before and was moved away from the teaching position afterwards. I think I know something about the things happened before and thereafter,one principle for CCP on reform is: Party rule before anythings else...I don't want to write more now,because the anger risen within me by knowing there is such stupid or on purpose calling white black opinion forged by Naomi Klein has almost made me burst into explosion